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What is a good hair dye if your looking for auburn hair?

Image by [AJ] Also what is a good de-frizzer?


  1. no,but it depends

  2. I prefer with you brown hair with your blue eyes

  3. girlwholoveslisteningtomusic

    dat would look great!

  4. I dye my hair dark auburn and have crazy blue/green eyes(my eye color changes) and my eyes always POP.

  5. yes, but its not really the eyes, its more the complexion
    so u’ll have to get new makeup and everything, oh and dont forget to dye ur eye brows! lol i just think its so funny when someone dyes their hair and not they’re brows!!!! lol

  6. I have auburn hair with blue/green eyes. It looks fine?

  7. i think both would work.
    i have blue eyes and reddish hair (dyed) and i think it goes great. i love red hair, but i think it only goes well with pale/light skin, so if u are tanned, i wouldnt do it.

  8. i think red hair looks great for a blue eye! imo 🙂

  9. As the child develops melanocytes cells found within the iris of human eyes as well as skin and hair follicles slowly begin to produce melanin. If the OCA2 gene had been completely shut down our hair eyes and skin would be melanin-less a condition known as .

  10. Perhaps youre a raven-haired beauty with icy blues or youre always getting complimented for the way your red-haired tresses play up your hazel eyes. When it comes to the hair and eye colors that you were born with what hues make you who you are? I have a few friends of Irish descent who have deep brown eyes and golden blonde hair.

  11. i think with a pair of blue, hair becomes automatically good looking.

  12. Blue eyed auburn (dyed) haired girl right here. Everyone always says how much it makes my eyes pop.

  13. Pal, i think blue eyes are a natural attraction for any kind of hair. My eyes are blue too and i just look great in any hair color

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