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Would my black hair turn to dark auburn?

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I have black hair,today i just recently went to sally’s and bought an dark auburn hair dye and right now i’m dying it with the 20 volume bottle. I was wondering would it turn the color i want? and if it dosn’t can i use a typical wal-mart ten dollar blonde hair dye to lighten it up? what color would it be? would it be a nice color? thanks so much!

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  1. Erm my hair turned an orangish color so you probably have to do a few applications if you want blonde if you using the box stuff. But if you use peroxide I think you just sit in the sun for a bit till it turns blonde, make sure you don’t frie your hair,you shoud get a friend who know what they’re doing if you use peroxide.

  2. There is only one way to lighten hair and thats with bleach and peroxide. Box colors wont change it in any way.

  3. you probably have to bleach it first or dye it a few times.

  4. Your going to have to bleach it and then dye it the color you want. That is the only way. You cannot dye your black hair lighter.

  5. A 20 volume developer will lighten hair up to 1 level. The developer IS peroxide, so any developer over 10 volume will lighten hair…this includes box color. The color you are using will probably lighten your hair a little bit, whether it turns out the exact shade you want is hard to tell without seeing your hair and the exact color you are using. And, color will only lighten your hair if you haven’t ever colored it. If there is existing color on it you can only lighten it with bleach.

    Using a blonde color will most likely not get your hair to an auburn. The amount of lift depends on the volume of developer you use. If you can get to a Sally’s beauty supply, or another store that is open to the public and sells professional products, they will be able to help point you in the right direction

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