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Would i suit auburn hair? (pictures inc)?

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this a photo of me, and my natural hair colour:

but i want to dye my hair a dark red/auburn colour:



but im so unsure, just need peoples opinions rly..?

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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Well, you never know till you try.

  2. i like the last one + i love your bathroom

  3. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ƑԼƲƬƬEƦ ƁƳ...

    You would most DEFINITELY suit this:
    (The third link). It’s a gawjuss colour and
    a radiant colour like this will bring our your
    facial features i.e, your ah-mazing eyes.

  4. Mahogany Do You Mean?
    It Is Very Vibrant And Would Look Great On You.
    The First Hair Colour Looks Like Black With Red Streaks.
    Best Of Luck 😀

  5. I love the last 1 btw, your eyes look amazing 😛
    I think you would suit auburn hair because of your skin type (quite pale) but i love your hair as it is dark. You could just do a test with a wash out dye and then base the out come on that- if you like the result, get a permanent one! if not….don’t!

    Good luck 😛


  6. the second link!
    the color is raw :]

  7. KennedyJonas<3.Peace.Love.Jon

    yes,most definitely on my opion you should keep a few streaks of your hair instead of dying it all at once it would look cute!

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