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would auburn hair color look good on me, im indian…?

I am indian so i have fair skin thats tanned and light colored eyes (i wear grayish colored contacts),and i have long, heart shaped face.

heres a few pictures!



***If any indian has seen the movie Dhoom 2, im talking about the auburn hair that bipasha has as her second role as the bengali bombshell… Her hair looks soo hott!


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  1. yea I think that it would look all right.

  2. With your coloring, you can indeed wear a warm color in your hair. Just be sure to keep it a cool red. No orange reds for you. I suggest you use a fairly transparent demi color. This will add to, but not delete your natural color.

  3. Yeah you’re really pretty and I think it would go with your skin and eye colour quite well.

  4. yes, i think auburn hair would look fantastic on you.
    your skin color doesnt really matter , i think anyway.
    i think you would look great with auburn hair. my hair is auburn now, my natural color was almost like yours.
    well, mine was dark brown.lol

    hope i helped ?

  5. I think maybe some auburn & honey highlights on your natural hair color. You have beautiful dark hair right now!!

  6. dark. maybe a cognac or brandy color. id bet it professionally done. i died my hair an auburnish color and my grandma said i looked like a tijuana whore. you look pretty as you are anyhow.

  7. Sweetie, If I was a guy, you would be totally do-able, as my teenage son says. I think Auburn hair on you would be icing the cake. Just don’t go overboard. The whole package is just fine. Your eyes are just WOW!

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