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With dark auburn/ginger hair what are the best colours to dye it?

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Heyy, yeah
i’ve got dark auburn hair, with a tad tanginess of ginger and i’d appreciate it if someone told me the best colour to get it dyed, i’ve been told by a friend i should get it light brown chestnut, i don’t want it black, even though i’m not very pale.

Thanksss 🙂

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  1. Accccckkkkk that is a natural and rare color!! That is God-given to you! I can’t believe you want to change it.

    Lightening it to blonde is very difficult with natural redheads, even those that are bottle-redheads. Artificial Red pigment fades out of hair quickly but is difficult to strip with chemical lighteners. Don’t ask me why–even “experts” and most company color manufacturers haven’t figured it out yet. Lightening natural reds and coppers is a bit easier but not much. Going darker is a lot quicker (and safer on the hair texture – less damaging)

  2. well a photo would help, but maybe do blond highlghts or fo for a light brown. Look for cool colors if you want most of the orange/red tones out tho

  3. Hello,
    Got a question if i only want to lightning my natural Aubrun Hair how do i do it i don’t like it to dark I like the red to show without it turning to a brown or black what should i do and how can I do it.

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