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Will pink color fiend hair color show up on brown/auburn hair?

I’d like to dye my side-bangs pink, but I’m not willing to get it bleached first (I don’t like long-time commitments when it comes to my hair). Does anyone know if color fiend “Nuclear Pink” or “Pink Pop” will show up on my hair? It’s light reddish-brown. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. it might come up a different colour, for it to for sure come up pink bleach it. dont worri, bleach wont kill you, my friend bleached her whole head and its healthy, so if its just ur bangs you’ll be fine.

  2. it will show pretty well, but it won’t last too long. you should bleach your hair, then colour the bleached part. i think that would look so pretty.

  3. no to get it the colour it is you need to make your hair lighter by bleaching colour doesnt lighten colour

  4. I have both of these colors, and my hair is darker/brownish. The pink pop does not work, its way too light. And if you go according to the directions the nuclear pink won’t show up either. I put in the color, blow dry my hair, and leave it like that. Its pretty much gone after I wash my hair two days later, so I just keep putting in more color every couple days, for me this routine isn’t TOO much of a hassle.

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