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Will my auburn hair, fair complexion and midnight blue dress match?

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I have dark auburn hair (dyed) with a very pale complexion and blue eyes. My husband is taking me to a suit-and-tie event and I have a midnight blue, v-neck halter gown that has dark blue glitter on it from when I was a blonde. Would my hair match my dress or should I think of buying a new one?

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  1. i think it would look way better on your hair now than when you were blonde.. red hair & deep blue look ahmazing together..
    pearls also look really good with anything.. also maybe try a metallic clutch

  2. It should look just fine. Just make sure that your makeup does not make you look washed out.

  3. I think that dress will be just fine. but if you really want to glam it up, try a white, off white or even better Ivory dress with some gold accessories x

  4. I think it would go really great together.

  5. You’d look great! Model Lily Cole has your same stuff. Deep blue and your auburn hair would look awesome!

  6. You would look great in blue! You can use greys & blues on your eyes for a subtle contrast but remember (accessories too) less is more!! Have fun!!

  7. it would match. i would prefer a red dress though!!

    E-mail me if you have any ?’s or comments!

    <3 Gemma Ward

  8. Fantastic match! Add some silver, gold or pearls; strappy sandals and a wrap.
    Practice some makeup colors in advance, in case you need to adjust tone or brightness.

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