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  1. You will be able to get your hair back after it grows out again hun 🙂

  2. dont worry

  3. there is no cut & dry answer for this sorry ~all you can do is try it & see~maybe you could ask a stylist if you are indeed that concerned♦

  4. Your hair will grow back out. When the roots start showing go to your stylist and they can usually match up hair color pretty well. Then you will be back to your natural color!

  5. as your hair grows it will grow your natural clour from the roots.
    will have to grow out completely and doesn’t look good while youre waiting for it to

  6. Technically, your hair should still grow out the same color. But there are some things that could influence whether it does or not.

    Like for instance, age- if your at an age where your body is still making changes and whatnot, once your dye fades or your hair grows out, it might seem like its a different color- but it could easily have nothing to do with the dye.

    Same thing happened when I was younger. I had very fair strawberry blonde hair, and I had dyed it a deep auburn. Now my hair has always grown out as a browner dirty blonde because I had dyed it during a changing period.

  7. Yes you will have it back but you are going to have to let it grow without coloring for a wile and then cut what is left of the chocolate brown .Mine is naturally dark brown and i colored it red
    that is what i did to get my natural color back

  8. you will have to wait for ur hair to grow out or bleach it and re colour it again ur original colour

  9. yupp ur hairwill grow back it just takes quite a while

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