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Will dying light auburn hair to dark brown turn out okay?

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I am naturally a dirty blonde but last month dyed it light auburn semi permanetly. It faded to a light brown with red. If I put Dark Brown dye over it will it turn out too red or should it be fine. Will it turn out like a dark warm brown color? Any advice or opinions would be great. I really want dark brown hair and deciding between a normal dark brown or warm dark brown?

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  1. xokristencullenbby:)

    Get dark brown.

  2. try a normal dark brown, because a warm dark brown will have more reds in it, and from what i’ve read, you don’t want much red in your hair.


  3. if you don’t want more red, stay away from the warm brown. Many dark browns when applied over another haircolor may turn black. I would find a medium brown.

  4. I’m not sure if you’re dying it yourself or getting it done.. but if you are worried about it being too red, make sure you get a brown that does not have a red base. Get a neutral or cool based brown.

  5. Going to a darker color usually works. It is going from a dark color to a lighter one that is a pain.

  6. loveleighartist

    As long as you do not use an ash brown, you will be fine. Either use a neutral brown (for “normal”) or a reddish brown (for “warm”)

  7. Well if your dying it a dark brown, it will more than likely turn out dark brown, almost black. Some areas where the red is WILL turn black..just personal experience.

  8. I just recently dyed my hair light auburn, my roots came out bright then the rest of my hair. I’m thinking of dying it dark brown or warm dark brown like you too but I definitely wouldn’t go for the dark brown cause it’ll make your hair look almost black. That’s up to you though but I prefer going to a warm dark brown. It should get rid of the red in your hair. 🙂

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