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Will auburn hair color make my hazel eyes appear more green?

I have hazel eyes, sometimes depending on light they appear brown and in the very light they’re green! I have dirty blonde hair and my skin is normal but more like pale. I’ll be going tanning soon anyway. I want to die my hair auburn medium tone. Do you think it will make my eyes look more green than when having dirty blonde hair? What make up would make them look really green from a distance?

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  1. Stop going to a tanning salons, because you are going to get skin cancer, and having paler skin looks better and more natural with auburn hair, which will make your hazel eyes appear to look greener.

  2. Pale skin + dark hair + dark eyebrows
    is going to make your eyes look a peircing shade of green
    even in normal light,
    hope that helped

  3. My eyes are hazel, too.

    My hair has been every shade of the rainbow (almost) and I’ve closely kept track of my eye color because I like to see them colorfull, too.

    To answer you, YES Auburn hair will brighten your eyes and make them more hazel. I currently have Auburn hair and I feel it makes a beautiful accent not only to bring pink out in my cheeks, but shades of honey and mixed green in my eyes. Its all about the color wheel if you care to check it out. The red in auburn is the complimentary opposite tone to green.

    For makeup, lavender, medium to navy blue, pink, and bronzy gold colors are great for hazel eyes. If you don’t feel like doing these colors of eyeshadow, try a thin penciled line of dark navy blue, eggplant (deep purple) or the classic black above your lashline to define your eyes and add pop.

  4. Pale/Normal Skin looks great with auburn hair and hazel eyes.
    If you get a tan and have auburn hair it won’t look very good.
    Plus you get skin cancer from tanning any way.

    And yes I think that if you dye your hair auburn it will make your eyes look more green.

  5. yeah, the red in the auburn will contrast the green in ur eyes and make it pop!

  6. hehehe! i have naturally auburn/medium brown hair and hazel(green/brown/amber) eyes….and no! auburn makes them look really brown and brown brings out brown!(not so surprisingly) u want to got blonde/red/or black anything brown will make them look brown!

  7. I also have hazel eyes, white (pink skin), and blonde hair. I think that a solid dark color with highlights can make your eyes look greener.

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