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Why do Japanese dye their hair auburn?

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I mean, if it was just a small amount, like the number of people in the U.S. with blue hair, it would be one thing… but it’s like, a huge amount of the population that dyes their hair that auburn color. I really don’t understand… and it only seems to be Japan, no other Asian countries, that does this so much. Please clarify, cultural experts, or Japanese natives with this now-cliche dye job.

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  1. Some of them are actually born with it, and others might just like the color. Tons of people dye their hair blonde in the US, or brown, or black.(:
    I contribute to that small amount of people, my hair is blue.

  2. Well I’m in no way a cultural expert, but as an American (a “Melting Pot” Native) What I can tell you is this, people from different parts of the world just have their own beauty standards, and their own definition of what’s trendy. From our hair, make up, clothes, cars, buy habits, to cosmetic surgery choices, every group has it’s own idea of what’s hot.

    You mentioned that many Japanese people dye their hair auburn, well many people here in the US of A dye their hair blonde. I don’t know whens the last time I saw a natural blond here. My point is people form different places do different things for different reasons. And I’m glad they do, b/c if they didn’t, there would be no point in traveling.

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