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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  2. i would suggest going to a stylist your first time. dying such dark hair can be tricky. if you use something like Born Blonde Maxi Blonde (you can get it at Walmart), you’ll see a dramatic result, i suggest not leaving it on too long or you’ll end up with bright orange hair, which can be hard to dye over. a friend who’s half korean and has blakc hair tried using the maxi blonde and then a medium auburn and she wound up looking like carrot top. good luck!

  3. I would recommend a professional if this is your first time. Once you lighten it too much…if you end up with a weird color that you don’t want – it’s TWICE as hard to cover over it and fix it.

  4. I believe you should use auburn dye formulated for black hair – it will contain peroxide and will properly change your hair color at once. If you bleach it with peroxide first, the color won’t stick and wash away after several washes (personal experience).

  5. Go to a professional unless you want hair feeling like straw similar to a broom.

  6. Unles you are a proessional lighteners such as bleach and peroxide are very complicated. Lightening hair has seven stages of lifting. If your hair is black, it is currently what we in the biz call a N1… natural level 1… most likely, unless you are native american or some kinds of european, your hair is actually N2 or higher… which will make lightening your hair easier. If you dont have the money to go to a salon, depending on the length of your hair, that can run you a couple hundred bucks. If you decide to do it at home, you can grab a box or teo at any drug store or department store… like Target or Walmart. Make sure you grab enough boxes for your hair… consider length and thickness. WHen you pick a box, make sure it is a level 3 hair color… that means it is permanent. Most boxes have a little chart on the side that you can use to compare the results. They show before and after pics. It is best to have someone help you so you can besure to get those hard to see areas. If you decide not to do it at home, another option, most people are scared of, look or a beauty school in your area. They usually charge almost nothing, and the students are supervised by actual hair stylists. I went to school in Jacksonville, NC at Coastal Caroloina Community College, and we charged 10 bucks for all the color you could handle… and if there was time we would throw in a manicure, pedicure, facial, trim, stlye, or whatever the client wanted. If you are under 16 a parent may need to go with you to sign paperwork. I saw some great color jobs come out of there though. Good luck, if you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail me.

  7. Don’t risk doing this at home. Go to a trained colourist at a salon and get them to do it. It will cost more but it will look better. They will know what would be the best procedure for your hair type.

  8. Peroxide is bad! It’ll dry out your hair.

    Try lemon and sit in the sun, it’ll lighten your hair.

  9. junk_food_junkie

    can’t help you there.

  10. when i ring worms(however you spell that)in my hair,i used peroxide and it turned my hair a redish,brownish color.i had black hair also.i cant remember if it burns or not,but try it,you’ll find for yourself

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