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When dying your hair, how do you know which colour(s) willl suit?

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I have a dark auburn hair colour, and pale skin [though it’s not a pinkish pale or anything, or pure white, like, I don’t know, creamy white? Haha]. Anyway, which colours of hair would suit me? I’ve been partially contemplating bleach blonde, just to try it out, but I’m not sure.

Any colours you know will suit, be sure to tell.

Thanks =]

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  1. I think that a red or a strawberry blonds would suit you because of your pale skin.
    These are the factors for color:
    1) skin tone
    2) face shape
    3) eye color
    Here are some redhead/ strawberry blonde pics:

    different shades of red hair:


    strawberry blonde (the first one is a better depiction):


  2. Roseann Headley H

    ask a hair styles duhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Pirate Girls Kick Butt!

    I can only tell you what I know for myself so I’ll try to help you that way. Well, I’ve been dying my hair now for a few years (for style not grays, though I may have some by now but I wouldn’t know.lol) and I tried some do it youself stuff. I find that talking with my hairdresser is the best thing to do. Even if I can’t afford for her (I sometimes have to skip a proffessional cut/color) to do it she’ll give be the best senario of what to do at home. I am naturally a dark blond, almost brown in the winter. But my dye colors range from a platnum blond to a maroonish color, and I think you and I may have a similar skin type. I go a little less blond in the winter so the roots aren’t so damatic and I let it grow out a little. They say that with going lighter you may want to strip your hair so the blond comes out more (it won’t take as long or as many tries to get it to a true platnum) and you definatley want to use some sort of toner so the color doesn’t look flat, and dry out your hair.
    And don’t do your eye brows no matter how dark they are….that is like the worst dye job mistake ever!
    hope this helps.
    Oh yeah, the platnum seems to go over well (much better than any of the darker shades) on me and I have fair skin too.

  4. LittleMeg is on fire

    I think FIERY RED would look great on you.

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