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what’s the difference between strawberry blonde, ginger and auburn hair?

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I’m asking because I’ve seen pictures of each and I really can’t tell the difference between some of them… is there an international standard for hair colour or is it just a bit of a personal thing (I mean, you say your hair is the colour you want it to be)?

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  1. Shade :-
    Strawberry blonde is just red-blonde
    Ginger is bright “red”
    Auburn is a reddish-brown

  2. I have auburn hair 🙂 Red hair (ginger) is.. well, red. Strawberry blondes have pinkish blonde hair. Very light. Hope I helped.

  3. ginger = quite bright & orangey
    auburn = darker reddy orange, usually grown darker from ginger/red hair
    strawberry blonde = hmm well im not exactly sure about this one but i’d guss it was a sort of reddy pinky colour that looks more pronounced when the strawberry blonde hair is in a light or dark place.

  4. Here’s the deal, different brands use different names for their color.
    a Strawberry blonde can be different in each brand etc.
    The best thing to do is go to a stylist and have her pull out her swatch book and go by the numbers.
    1 being the darkest and 10 the lightest, different in each brand.
    The easy part is that you can point to one and hold it up to your hair and see if you like it!
    Good luck!

  5. Strawberry blonde is light orange
    Ginger is orange (red, but it looks orange) hair (usually light skin)
    Auburn is reddish brown together

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