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What’s the best way to use Sun-In on Dark/Medium Brown/Auburn hair?

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I have dark/medium auburnish/brown hair. I’ve dyed it natural orange, auburn and redhead colours, and they all look nice. I would like to use Sun-In to add some highlites to my hair, not for an all-over look, and I was wondering what the best way to go about this would be. Should I use a highlighting head cover (the one with the holes) or should I just chunk it… and the best question, how long should I wait?

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  1. If u have dark hair or auburn it will still look orange with the sun-in!
    To have the right blonde colour for ur locks u have to do it at the hair dresser or get those especially made dyes for the hair stripes(Brushes included for this use)

  2. Whatever you do don’t use Sun in it ruined my hair, my hair went a funny shade of bright orange and was brittle and dry. and i vowed never to use it again. The best one i used was Jerome Russel B BLONDE highlighting kit. Its for dark and light hair types. but if you are uncertain then go to a hairdresser

  3. dont use it, it ruins your hair, id used it b4 and my hair was so fragile that i couldnt even use a comb on it as it kept falling out and breaking

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