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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. I find that neutrals work really well with my fair skin, auburn hair and blue eyes. I use Mary Kay copper beach, vintage gold and hazelnut on my eyes, nutmeg on my cheeks and bronze eyeliner. For my lips I like the neutral and chocolate liner and my two favorite lipsticks are gingerbread and raisinberry depending on if I am wearing a warm or cool tone outfit. The only product I use that isn’t MaryKay is the Max Factor mascara in Auburn because it doesn’t look as harsh as black and blends better than brown. You can look for a Mary Kay rep online at their web site and they have samples to try and will come right to you to try stuff out. I also love their skin care line:*)

  2. slanderer of names

    Light, natural. I guess that applies to anyone though. You can probably go a LITTLE darker on eyeliner and eyeshadow, and I know really dark green sheer-ish powdered eyeliner looks really pretty on greenish eyes. Anything you’re comfortable in–a girl looks best when shes not constantly wiping under her eyes or checking her lipliner in a portable mirror.

  3. BRIGHT GREEN with a hint of orange

  4. You should go to this website by Mary Kay, it helps you choose a color pallet that’s right for you.


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