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what kind of makeup goes good with auburn hair?

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i ALWAYS get confused when i look in magazines and they show hair color and makeup to match.. like red, blonde, brown, but my hairs a bit in between of them all..like its neither of those colors… its auburn with a few blonde foils and brown undertones :s ..and i’m not sure what kind of makeup to wear to compliment my hair color.. what do you think? …also what category do you think my hair fits in more.. red brown or blonde?


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Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. Go to the Prescriptives counter in a dept. store. They will do a perfect make-up for your skin and coloring.

  2. You are very pretty in the second picture and i think that color is good with you.

  3. light brown mines like that too

  4. Greenish mossy tones would look AMAZING!
    So would a deep plum.


    anyone care to answer my question?

    The first hair color looks the best, BTW.

  5. omg i dont know but you are gorgeous!!

  6. I think your hair is more red than anything. u could wear blue green or gold eyeshadow and a shiny color of lipgoss

  7. i think you would look great with really neutral makeup
    and just a pink lip…

  8. coco chanellllll: )

    i would go to a department store and go to one of the counters and get a consultation :]
    or sephora or ulta :]

    pleaseeee answer mine! : )

  9. you are gorgeous! i would do a plum eyeliner…it really brings out your eye color and then some greenish eyeshadow…

  10. JoE jOnAs!!!!!! <333


  11. i find it a biiiit too long, cuz i heard that long hair make u look shorter n u dont look tall to start with.
    BUT, you are absolutely gorgeous.
    i would say its brown n blond, but the lighting makes the pics all look so different.
    get a makeup consulation every time u color ur hair.
    it is sooo necessary .
    cuz i see soooooo many ppl wearin the wrong thing.
    sorry, im not a pro so i dont wanna screw up ur face by givin u bad advice,
    but i gotta say u are a gorgeous girl.
    and thanks 4 the compliment.
    this is the girl whose question u just answered (also about hair lol)
    xoxox hope u get what u lookin for

  12. Chicks with Sticks ♥♦♥♦♥♦

    I would say it is red…. and u should wear light pink on ur eyes, and a little bit of pink blush on the apples of ur cheeks. put on some light black eyeliner, and some pink lipgloss….

  13. i like the second pic…if that helps. I love the hair!!

  14. Makeup takes way too much time and it’s not worth it. And in one of those pics you can’t even see your hair and makeup that well, so I’m not sure y u put it on here. No make-up looks natural with any hair color. 🙂

  15. ur supposed to wear makeup to match/compliment ur eyes not ur hair.

  16. thanks for answering my question, i’m not very good with matching make up sorry, but your hair is awesome lol,

  17. I think you should use makeup using lots of shades of brown. Like really pretty brown eyeshadow.

    PS: Youre really pretty. Have you considered modeling?

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