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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Once you dye it auburn brown, you will always want it that way, because people will keep telling you how pretty your hair is and how they wished their hair was that color…the haircolor (even permanent) kind of washes out after about a month or two gradually and since it is close to your natural shade no one notices any roots showing a different color…I like Garnier Nutrisse the best. It has GREAT conditioner in the box with the coloring!!

  2. If the Auburn doesn’t work out then your hair should have no problem being dyed back to it’s brown. If you do or don’t like it then remember that reddish colors fade quickest.

  3. Firstly you spell “experience” as such and yes I have been every colour under the sun. Using any colour with red pigmentation is hard to colour over or remove. If you don’t like the Auburn brown you will need to cover it with a darker colour, and even then it wont fully disappear until it grows out.
    Suggestion! Use a auburn brown rinse through your hair to see whether you like the colour, then semi-permanent or permanent is an option.

  4. i personally have always liked auburn hair color. it goes well with paler skin tones. If you dont like it you could always have low lights put in until the color fades. and remeber the initial color will fade in about a week.

  5. try a temp. color first, see how it works, if you dont like, it will wash out eventually..and if you do..you can do it permanently

  6. i have auburn brown hair, that has a reddish glow in the sun. A lot of people admire it, though some stupid guys in my class call me “ginger”. good luck!

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