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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. khaki green gold eyeliner/shadow
    bronzy rose blush…
    bronzy rose lipstick…
    lots of brown mascara….

  2. Wow. You’re already blessed, but to enhance your features, you can use makeup. Use some gold cream eyeshadow on your eyes and maybe some brown pencil eyeliner, and smudge it for a soft look. Swipe on some mascara (Bourjois, Yes to Volume No to Clumps, is about $14. Link: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P156132&categoryId=C13164 ) and a bit of bronzer or blush and maybe some clear lip gloss, and you’re set.

    Hope I helped!

  3. peach bronzer lightly kissing your cheeks
    just a bit of brown eye shadow on your eyelids
    plum eye pencil lining your green eyes, (makes them pop!)
    honey kissed lipstick, a peachy or light mauve for your mouth.

  4. Neutral Colore
    Browns Beiges, Ivory Pink, and yellow combined. The underlying tones is a balanceor warm/cools.

  5. peach or taupe eye shawdow
    bronze eye liner
    brown-black mascara
    peach or clear lipgloss
    tinted moisturizer
    dusting of bronzer on the cheek bones for a wash of color

    *less is more*

  6. That’s the best combo!

    Try browns, golds and greens. Put dark brown on the bottom of the lids and then put some green in the creases… finish off with a gold shimmer all over the lid to blend. I think that’d be awesome.

  7. ohh my goodness you must be gorgeous! my sister has the same features as you and she always just wears massacara but everynow and then she uses makeup and shes drop dead. The best colours for you would be nice dark shades of eyeliner, some light pink sparkely eyeshadow with dark brown massacara and a darker shade of lip gloss!!! OH jeezzee if you want a more part look then line your top lash with a thick line of sparely fierce green!! OMG you have awesome features have fun playing them up 😛

  8. Pink toned eyeshadows can bring out hazel eyes, and green eyes look good with purple colors. Those colors you have to use in moderation or you risk looking like a 5th grader who discovered her mom’s make up drawer, but as a highlighter or just above your lashline they work well.

  9. try anything peachy or pinky

  10. Eyeshadows: Brown, Apricot, Purple, Plum, Forest Green, Gold, Lime Green, Bright Purple, Sky Blue. Try our Non Stop Eye Color in Nouveau Neutral & Brightening Eye Liner in Plum or Coffee

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