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What is the best auburn at-home hair coloring product?

I would like to dye my hair back to my natural light auburn color.It is not too red and has a lot of golden hughes to it. Basically my hair is a mix of light brown, red and gold. I want it to look like a real reddish color, not that fake red or purple stuff. Has anyone had good luck with a particular color number/brand I can buy over the counter that will give me my natural hair color and healthy shine?? any suggestions??

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  1. L’Oreal Feria is my personal favorite

  2. Same! L’Oreal Feria always leaves a lovely golden auburn for me.
    At the minute my hair is dark brown/almost black and bleach blonde/ginger fringe, MORTIFIED. My hair was a gorgeous auburn yesterday I don’t know what possessed me to do it…. so I’m bleaching all my hair and going with Feria again. It might come out too bright though, so i’m not sure. Either way, it’s the best auburn colour on the market, so use that! 🙂

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