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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. bronze, plum, atumn colored eyeshadows.
    Light pink lipstick, mascara and eyeliner should work wonders for your tones

  2. I think all shades of brown would.

    Maybe greens. Pinks. Silvers.
    If your looking for bright maybe peach or orange.
    I think mainly brown though.

    Lip plumper, clear lipglos, pink lipstick, fair colored coverup foundation etc, brown mascara, brown eyeliner.

  3. deep purple 4 eye shadow
    lash blast 4 lashes
    light blues & light greens 4 eye shadows
    neutral color for lips
    no blush

  4. Eyeshadow: a dark brown or light brown (depending on your mood). Brown mascara or black.

  5. BRIGHT BLUE!……. no im just kidding! Nice make up colors on you would be like a light plum purple, dark and light browns, If you don’t mind dark black and grays! But when doing your eyeliner because you have alburn hair and your eyes are like a honey colour use a dark brown eyeliner! I know because i used to have the same colour eyes and hair before i dyed it black!

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  7. The sun-kissed bronze look would look nice with your eye and hair color…..

  8. oh no! not for this little cute kid i hope. Too young …kidding..
    for any shade of honey brown eye, any colured eye shadows with earth tones are suitable and these colors look awesome with your auburn hair too. If you want a complimentary color, go for the matte colors such as copper, olive of earth tones but if you would like some contrasting hi fashion look colors, mix coral with teal blue, muted purple with pumpkin there all look great together.

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