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What eye and hair colour do you think i have?

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My mom has hazel/green eyes and black hair.
My dad has light brown eyes and almost blonde hair.
Sister: black hair & brown eyes.
brother 1: auburn hair & amber eyes
brother 2: brown hair & brown eyes
Mom side: light brown hair & amber eyes
Dad SIde: blonde hair & light brown eyes.
Mom side: blonde hair & turquoise eyes
dad side: black hair & light brown eyes

I’m sorry if i ask similar questions i’m just curious

Thanks 😀
lmfaoo yeah strange it actually light blue mixed with light green.

I’m an european & cuban descent

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  1. I think you have the why the flying f*** should I care hair color.

  2. I’ll take a random guess and say auburn hair and brown eyes.

  3. British people hair ‘colour’

  4. dark brown eyes and black-brown hair.

    turqouise eyes??? wtf lol

  5. brown hair and hazel eyes

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