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What do you think about Auburn hair?

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My hair is medium to dark brown,i have brown eyebrows,and brown eyes.I Really like the Hair color Auburn,i think its really pretty looking.
I want to dye my hair Auburn.My hair is about 2-3 inches above my shoulders,so im not sure if it will look good or not.Im thinking maybe i should wait until the end of the summer when its a little longer,Im just not sure…
Do you think i should dye it?If so,when should i dye it??
Sorry i dont have any pics!
Thank you for all of your answers!!

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  1. How long doesn’t matter on what color you do. I’d go for it now because I happen love reds, especially auburns and copper reds. If your hair is natural color (virgin) then you can get the color you want, auburn being still a med/dark color. So level wise it’s the same and will turn out nice.
    Saying that I still have to recommend going to a professional. Especially if you have virgin hair, why not start out doing it right instead of possibly having to have it fixed. Once you color hair it needs to be touched up when the regrowth happens and the one thing you don’t want to do is keep applying tint over tint causing uneven color and damaged hair. Another plus about staying in the same level is that your regrowth won’t look quite so bad when growing out…..not like a high contrasting color would. (dark roots with blond hair, etc)

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