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What colour streaks look good in red/auburn hair?

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I have naturally auburn hair. I’m going to the salon and get it done so that it looks redder. But, I’d like a streak or two of colour (unnatural colour–like pink or blue), and I’m wondering what colours do you think look good in auburn hair. I don’t want it to be highlights, and I don’t want it to blend in with my hair. What colour? Or should I just go with black?

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  1. Personally, i’d say blonde. But it depends on the person, and if you want unnatural colour, i reckon pink would go very well (though sometimes salons don’t use the best unnatural dyes and it doesn’t last well).

    Research into special effects dye if the pink doesn’t last. Its a semi permanent dye but their pinks lasts AGES.

  2. There are many choises to do with your style hair. You could add a few subtle lighter or darker reds and some faded purples to blend in the hair, but still allows others to see a slight mixture of colors.

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