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What colour of hair will my baby have?

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Im expecting our first baby and was wondering what colour of hair there likely to have. Im blonde, brown eyes and my husband is dark brown and brown eyes. His mum has dark auburn hair and his dad has brown hair. My mum is dark blonde and my dad is brown. Any 1 know how the genes will turn out here??

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  1. Probably a brownish color, dark features usually are the dominate gene.

  2. I’d say a 50% chance medium brown hair. 25% Light brown and 25% blonde. That’s just my guess. I think your baby will be born blonde, but like all children their hair will become darker with time.

  3. No way to be 100% for sure. My brother and sister-in-law both have brown hair and brown eyes and their kid turned out with blue eyes! Coincidence?? Makes you wonder. . . . .

  4. Hair is one of the most difficult genes to figure out ahead of time. It is thought that most babies get their hair from either their grandmother on the mother’s side, and/or the father’s side. Also, red hair is EXTREMELY dominant, if your husbands mother has auburn hair it’s likely your baby will too. There is really no way to tell, so you’ll have to wait and see. Good luck with the new little addition to your family!

  5. no way to be certain

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