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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. well black is the more dominint color so if i had to say i would pick black

  2. I’m sorry,but it’s quite a difficult question.Our cells contain DNA,the genetical information for our life.Those chromosomes,that lay there decide wich form,role will have each part of our body.Pretty cool,hugh?Thinking that the color of our eyes,hair,skin…depends on these very,very small cells.50% of the information is transmitted through the sperm cell of the man,while the rest is been transmitted through the female ovule.The most dominat chromosomes will define the look of your baby.If in the cells,the most dominant pigment,colour is black,your baby will have black hair.The same thing for eye,skin colour…There is another complicated thing.For example,if your mother has mousey colour,you also have a cell for this type of colour,even if your natural colour is a other one.Just that…the most dominat cells for you where auburn.And this thing is valid for absolutely everyone:your boyfriend,mother,father,mother in law,myself,etc.Got it?Now,it depends which pigment dominates…that’s why it can be somehow hard to find out the exact colour.

  3. he’ll be a blonde

  4. how does it matter …u’ll love him anyway..more than the colour of hair u shud pray it to be hail and hearty:):)

  5. Never can tell…I have two blondes with blue eyes and a dark haired child like me. My father’s family are all light haired but my mothers are all dark. So it will be a surprise wont it? Actually come to think of it he or she may even have no hair at all…many babies dont.

  6. He will probably have dark hair when he is born but it will change over time – you can never tell.

    Sometime you get thrown a curve-ball. My daughter has blue eyes but my husband and I dont (her grandparents do!).

    Its fun to think about it before they are born but you can really never know what will happen.

    I dont know of a hair color calculator but check out this link below for eye color:

    Its fun to mess about with.

    Congratulations and Good Luck!

  7. itll probably be a darker color, why dont you just wait till the baby is born to find out. cause asking us isnt gonna answer it

  8. There is just no way to tell at this point. Yes, black is genetically dominant, but that doesn’t mean anything. My brother-in-law and his wife both have black hair yet have a blonde haired blue eyed little boy, the blondeness comes out in at least one kid in every set of siblings in their family. My husband has black hair, I have brown hair, he and I have light eyes. Our daughter has medium brown hair and dark hazel eyes, and her skin is darker than both of ours. When she was born she actually had black hair with tight little curls, it soon straightened, then started turning brown, and is now brown and curly. What I’m basically saying is that you just never know. But I’ll put in my two cents and just take a wild guess, I think your baby will have dark hair with a reddish tint.

  9. There is no real way to know this sweetie. It will likely appear dark at first, but some newborns have very little hair, while others have a lot. Most children’s haircolour doesn’t really settle till they are around a year old, when most of the tiny fine baby hairs fall out. Children’s hair colour can change over the years as well. My uncle had flaming red hair as a child… but now has a medium brown shade of hair. Baby’s with white-blonde hair almost always end up with a darker blonde as they grow up.

    What-ever colour your child has…. may you all enjoy it in good health.

  10. i think he/she will have light brown or auburn. black hair is very dominant but u dont’ have that much black hair running in the genes. good question!

  11. You wont actually know what colour the babys hair will be untill around 9 months…. usually the colour changes a lot through the months then starts to settle. My baby was born with black hair, it turned mousy brown and now its getting even fairer. You’ll just have to wait and see!

  12. what ever colour you dye it heheh I would say dark brown..

  13. Who knows? My daughter had dark hair like me when she was born, but now it is a lighter brown, like her father’s. Even if a child is born with one hair color, sometimes it changes as they get older.

  14. you have to go to a genetic engineer to find that out….my uncle (fair skin black hair) married an african american lady…their 1st baby was white, blonde hair blue eyes….because my greatgf was like that….genetics work in mysterious ways

  15. You can’t go by newborn hair color for what color hair they will have. All 3 of my kids were born with jet black, curly hair. Now they are 1) straight and blonde, 2) straight and mousy brown, 3) straight and brown.

    I’m thinking that your child will eventually have brown hair with auburn or red natural highlights.

    Congrats on your baby!

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