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What color will my hair be if I dye it twice?

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I have black hair(Asian), and I want my hair to be around medium auburn or a little lighter, but not really.
& I used a dark rich auburn hair dye from cairol, that barely showed. So I bought a light auburn color, and put it onto my hair. It only shows in the light, is there any way I could actually get it to the auburn I want, without it looking black, even in the sunlight. With no bleach? && it’s the temporary , 28 shampoos one.

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  1. You should avoid coloring your hair twice. Since the chemicals in the dye will damage your hair. Making your hair brittle.

  2. No you cant dye black hair lighter without bleach… You should use Lo’real Feria Bleach Blonde 200. It’s bleach but its not harsh. After you use it, your hair should be a brownish color, then hopefully if you use the color hair dye you want, the color will show 🙂 Good Luck!

    BTW iv used this bleach FIVE times and my hair hasn’t fallen out… I might just be lucky though.

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