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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Light green always looks great on red-heads.

  2. firecrotch aah, just run away and die.

  3. dark green

  4. black would be really good, and then you could also try navy blue, white a dark purple depending on the suit and maybe green (maybe prob not)

    but black would def be the best

  5. Ummm white or
    if you have good body a thong OR
    black looks really good
    BUT do not go woth polkadots or orange!!!!!

  6. i’m imagining yellow hon , or yellow with some type of pattern . this with blend your slightly pale skin and really compliment your red hair.

  7. If you have true red, auburn or copper hair
    You will probably have an ivory, yellowish or golden undertone to your skin if one of these reds is your natural color or you have chosen a dye that complements your complexion. You might have brown, hazel, green or clear blue eyes, and possibly freckles. Natural and earth tones such as beiges, browns, camel, dark and olive greens, orange reds and gold look good on you, while grays, taupe, purple, navy, pink or bright reds will probably not suit you that well.

    The ‘universal color’ black can make your face look sallow, so wear it for skirts, trousers and accessories rather than close to your face. If you have a black dress, a jacket or shawl in one of the above colors can still make your face glow.

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