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what color should i get underneath auburn hair?

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I have chocolate brown hair now and tomorrow im going to dye my hair an all-over auburn color. What color should i do underneath so its kinda hidden but you can still see it? Consistering- my regular brown color, platinum blonde, carmel. Also purple.
By the way, im sixteen, hair fair skin, freckles, and brown eyes

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  1. i would get platinum blond. it would contrast your auburn color and make it pop! good luck (:

  2. ew don’t do that! i hate it when ppl dye the bottom layer of their hair is a different color from the top layer it looks trashy and dumb when u put it in a pony tail-no offense. keep your beautiful auburn hair! =]

  3. I’d say black, or dark brown. Darker looks better underneath.

  4. i think bleach blond (Platinum blonde) because it would not clash like a bright Colour would but would not blend like a dark colour so its just right

  5. black 🙂

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