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What color should i dye my hair?

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I have auburn coloured hair right now and i want to dye it .. im not really sure what colour i should do.. i want like blond side bangs but i havent decided on a basic hair colour for the rest of it .. i was thinking really dark blondish brown or like a really dark brown or dark reddish brown. I have blue eyes and fairish skin. Msg me what you think!

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  1. i think that bleach blonde would look good.

  2. the reddish brown with blond side bangs or brown hair with red highlights and blonde sidebangs or blonde hair with black highlights and black sidebangs

  3. bright red. like a fire truck

  4. oxygenated blonde

  5. bright blonde hair people say that there the hottest

  6. ♥roselinaღ

    fairish skin…i think you better go brown or dark blond not red:DEFINITELY NOT RED..maybe you could try like…brownish black or blondish brown…

  7. Try 2 go pure blond, it will fit u well, and guys like blondes that look natural!

  8. sounds just like me! = ) i dyed mine platnum blonde and then got low lights of ash blonde (almost like red brown blonde) its uber cute lol. i also have a purple streek teehee <3Q

  9. I think a dark reddish brown sounds good:D

    it will turn out a nasty rusty corn yellow hair it looks soooooooo bad!

    if i were you i would die it dark brown that will make your blue eyes pop!

  11. Twilight Uchiha

    Brown, cause it goes extreamly well with blond. Oh, and the darker the skin, the darker the shade of the brown. Go as dark as you can without clashing with skin tones, if you go too much darker than your skin, it won’t look good, but darker hair will make your eyes pop.

  12. Jet black, all the way!

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