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What color shirts look good with dark auburn hair?

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My boyfriend doesn’t like red hair and I just dyed my hair dark auburn brown…I’m trying to look good for him so he would like it. What should I wear?
Will Brown look good? is it considered an “earthy color”??
I don’t have much “earthy colors” in my closet. Any suggestions on other colors?

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  1. i’d say more earthy colors
    like dark green or darkish yellow
    it depends on what colors you like 🙂

  2. I agree with dev. Earthy colors, something like sunset orange or forest green and all that. And maybe purple or crimson.

  3. i also have sort of dark auburn hair.
    i wear a lot of white, dark green..

  4. ♥♥♥pauline♥♥♥

    i should green or yellow looks good with that don’t wear something that will match your hair you need to make yourself bright

  5. I’d have to say go for something along the lines of olive green.

  6. Deep greens, blues or violets should look good if you want to dress more colorfully or how about a basic black dress shirt which works with just about any hair color.

  7. im a dark auburn and i love black baby doll tops.
    i think they look amazing.
    i think the black brings out the hair color and can make it look really pretty.

  8. mathdesigndance

    Well, first i would suggest thinking about the compliments he has given you like, ” I really like your eyes”, or, ” you have a wonderful smile”…… things like that. And really play up that feature on yourself. Then, he won’t even care about the color of your hair. Also, I would suggest wearing a color that he likes on you… And I wouldn’t wear brown but yes, it is an “earthy color” Maybe a light tan instead if you wanna stay in the earth tone family. Remember, your trying to look good for him!

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