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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. i have the same color. i honestly love turquoise eyeshadow. it makes my eyes stand out, and looks great with my hair color. black eyeliner, and turquoise eyeshadow. try it at least once.

    ps- don’t go by my avatar- totally not what i look like. and don’t listen to what others say about blue eyeshadow. just try it. and don’t wear red shirts. kind of looks weird with the auburn hair. blues look great!

  2. You could use pretty much any colour! You’re so lucky. Greens, teals, and other shades of blue/greens would look good. I would also recommend plum.

  3. sydneysredhair

    i like all the tones of purple

  4. hm blues and purple would clash with your hair, so i suggest dark browns or greens

  5. I’d mix a pretty blue colour with a dark colour. For example, I’d wear a pretty blue/green eyeshadow with dark blue mascara and black eyeliner. You can do it differently, but have some greenish/blue colours and some black or a dark brown (or any other dark colour) because it evens out the colour of your eyes and your hair.

  6. Definitely warm colors! Greens, plums, browns. Cool colors would look harsh.

  7. Any color. I would go with natural reds and oranges

  8. monkey on my back

    I used the greens when my hair was dark auburn and they looked fantastic

  9. It seems to me like you answered your own question. If your eyes pop now that you’ve colored your hair, the try using the same color eye shadows that match your eye color to make them pop more.

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