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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. You cannot be serious !

  2. um, i use lipgloss and im a naural GIRL auburn.

  3. A light tinted mauve, with one coat of gloss!

  4. How ironic I go tommorrow to get mine colored in a little darker auburn.( Josie claps her hands)
    I tell you what hon. I try to stay with the browns as my skin complextion is on the light side. I came into this world with freckles. So does she hold a tan or does she stay fairly white. If she does tan then try going with the berries (red).
    Oh by the way mistress Kelli. You should call her by her female name rather then your CD husband.

  5. It is summertime so some lighter colors might do the trick! After all you do not want the lips to upstage the new doo!
    AS a natural blond I tend to vary from pinks to berry colors in summer and go darker reds and bright reds depending on clothing in the fall!

  6. My domme girlfriend likes me to wear light-red or pink gloss with my Ashley blonde wig. For Auburn, I would go with light-red, maybe with a twist of orange.

  7. I could tell you better if I saw what she looked like but off hand I’d go with a red, possibly a darker shade.

  8. You have plenty of good answers and i agree with them, but You should take her to MAC and have her get several that they reccommend and have tried on her.

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