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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  2. light auburn only

  3. chunky red higlights

  4. Dark gold for a contemporary look.

    Bright red for a sexier look.

  5. I think a light blonde highlight would look great on dark auburn hair. You could also do caramel highlights since your hair is already a warm color, that would look great as well.

  6. XxCriSs_AnGeLs_MinDFreAKxX

    blond gross XP i think you should get red

  7. hotchocolatecherry

    You want colors that are in the same family so your hair wont look washed out or crazy for that matter.For an auburn I would go for colors in the brown family.If you want to make sure then go to a air store and ask for different colors of weaving hair that you like.Place them to you hair and see if the color suites you.Or you can always buy a color ring to determine for yourself what you like in your own home.I hope this helps

  8. I would go to a hairdresser i trusted and get their opinion. They know what looks best and they also know if it will be really noticeable when it starts to grow out. Thats what i did and i was not disappointed.

  9. If you have strong auburn hair, you can forget browns, they won’t show up. On the up side, you could go with different reds or a ligh light brown.

  10. You should go with another red. Not being able to see your hair it is hard to say. It would be good to get the advice of a professional on this, since if you get the wrong color your hair might turn really brassy.

  11. i would probaly dye it a light or whiteish blonde becuase thats whats in style

  12. I’d do some black or even blue-black strands.

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