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  1. purple

  2. i am in beauty school and i think dark auburn highlights would be verry pretty. And waxes can be in the bikini area or eyebrow:)

  3. Yea a reddish auburn color would be cute or a black. Sorry Idk about the last question a spa or is that what you ment?

    Underarms, bikini area, and eyebrows.

  4. black and a almost brown blond

  5. dark blond but half black at the end. 😀

  6. An auburn would be good!
    and you could probably go to a beauty school or a massage place

  7. i agree with your choice and for the wax, most salons have a person who removes hair, ouch !

  8. kiss me i'm irish!

    yea i think that like reddish would look good and ud get a wax at a spa or somethin

  9. like a black hair color…..well I’d say HOT PINK!
    dark brown….umm dark navy blue

  10. Reddish auburn would be pretty also, purple, medium brown.
    You go to a nail salon to get a wax.

  11. Depends on your complextion, Darker skin can go red lighter, on the blonde side

  12. hey, don’t apologize!
    I’d say get a mixture of red and blonde.
    You can get waxed at most salons.
    Just call ahead and ask them if they are equipped for it.

  13. I had the reddish auburn color streaks put in my hair a cpl years ago and I have really dark hair, and let me tell ya. It’s HOT!! I loved it.

    About the Wax, You can do it yourself with a kit from a pharmacy or a Salon. Salons usually do this sort of thing!!

  14. i’ve always wanted that.
    it would look very pretty

    to get a wax you go to a salon, like where you can get your hair and nails done.

  15. depends on what color your base color is. If your base color is dark then a reddish auburn in my opinion would look nice. I live in Hawaii so as for the waxing I doubt I could refer you to a salon. But I would say if you know someone who gets waxed ask them if they would refer anyone to the salon or person that does there waxing. Good Luck!

  16. I would go for caramel and toffey tones.
    As for the wax…
    If you mean a waxing: a beauty salon.
    If you are looking to save money, contact a local beauty school or ask for an apprentice treatment at the salon.
    If you are talking about hair wax: the hairdressers
    Car wax? Bees wax? Candle wax?: I don’t know…

  17. it depend on the style and the color of your skin.
    if ur pale white stay away from blonde but any other is good (even green and blue and purple).
    if ur tanned white, olive, or bronze( slavic,mediterranian, hispanic, oriental) a lighter brown would look best. something in the caramel-cinnamon range
    if ur a lightskinned black, dark blonde works
    if ur a darkskinned black, stick to auburn or other dark colors-purple, blue, green

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