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What are good makeip tips for olive skin tone and med auburn hair?

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I have an olive skin tone and natural dark brown hair i just recently dyed my hair to a medium auburn i usually wear black eyeliner but it seems too heavy for the lighter color can any one recommend something other than dark brown eyeliner

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  1. these articles might help –

    Picking the right foundation –

    Choosing the right blush –

    hope they help 🙂

  2. i have the same colour hair and olive skin tone this is my daily routine for makeup:

    foundation not like a mask though,
    powder just for my shiny noise 🙂
    curled eyelashes
    dark mascara
    mac deep purple eyeliner
    rimmel london mulberry blusher
    and a lipstick to complement my skin tone

  3. Ooh that’s a nice, natural mix. For eyeshadow, you could either continue to make it natural/subtle looking with shades of brown, smart and sophisticated with very subtle grays or you could go trendy with bright colors. It kind of depends on your eyes. If they’re brown or hazel, continue the natural look. But if they’re gray/ light blue go with subtle grays or light subtle blues. Also, if you have blue or green eyes, go with fun, funky colors like pink or purple, or earth tones like brown or green.
    Also, black eyeliner is good, as long as you don’t put too much on.

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