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Using Manic Panic turquoise hair dye on light auburn hair?

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I recently bought Manic Panic Amplified hair dye in Atomic Turquoise: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Accessories/Cosmetics/HairDye/Manic-Panic-SemiPermanent-Atomic-Turquoise-Hair-Dye-255460.jsp
My hair is dyed a light auburn color: http://www.walgreens.com/store/catalog/Hair-Color/ColorSilk-Light-Auburn-Permanent-Hair-Color/ID=prod377943-product
I was wondering if I have to bleach my hair before putting a few streaks of the Manic Panic dye. I really don’t want to, so I would like to know if the shade will actually turn out turquoise instead of an ugly color… please help?

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  1. Generally when dying a color like that bleaching helps to intensify it and also make it last longer, if you don’t bleach it most likely will not come out the desired color especially if your hair is a darker shade. I suggest you do a test on a small part of your hair that isn’t seen to see how it will look before applying the streaks.

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