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trying to dye my natural black hair to a lighter auburn color.?

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so i have this natural black hair and ive always wanted a reddish color so i bought the the garnier vibrant colors by nutrisse in intense auburn. i know it wont give me the actual hair color but a tint. i dont want to do any stripping or bleaching since i already have my fair share of hair damage. i just wanted to know if i leave the dye in for a VERY long time, will it give me a greater chance of having more of the hair color?

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  1. i have black hair as well and to get your hair lighter you will have to get it either lifted or bleached. It is hard to turn black hair another color. You may also just want to try a lighter color, it won’t come out the color on the box but will get a little lighter. Good Luck!!!!

  2. dont dye it because natural black hair is beautiful
    it has that certain pitch black beauty that auburn people don’t have

  3. ok well it takes 30 to 45 minutes for color to process, so leaving it in longer wont do anything extra. but it should leave a redish tint to your black hair.

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