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Tips For Coloring

Tips For Coloring That Work For You

To change the color of your hair, there are so many choices that you can get lost very easily. A little reminder to all existing techniques could be useful. There are three ways to color your hair: coloring permanent chemical (with oxidant), natural coloring (henna or chamomile) and color last.

The permanent color chemical can completely change the color of your hair.

tips for coloring
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– If you want to change your color by more than 2 tons, your hairdresser will discolour your hair once before color the hair in the desired shade. The products leave hair soft and shiny, because they now contain care contractors. The maintenance of roots is every 4 to 6 weeks.
– The color tone on tone lasts up to 6 weeks, but does not accept the radical change (blond / black). It is intended to give gloss, reflections, or even to give piquancy to colored hair. The range of color products is very wide, your hairdresser will choose the most suitable for you. The exposure time is reduced, as the hair is restored. The maintenance is done every 6 weeks.

Tips: Avoid products with ammonia or metal salts: they attack the hair. Emphasize shampoo for colored hair. In general, this type of staining is not suitable for dry hair, oily, brittle and split ends.

Unlike chemical coloring, the natural coloring gives the hair more softness and shine. The disadvantage is that the color fades after a few shampoos. If you want light hair, you can use chamomile on hair blond or brown (Not recommended for dark hair). If you want to accentuate the highlights of your dark hair, walnut color is naturally suitable. For brown tints, you can mix walnut indigo. If you wish to obtain a red or orange color (for the brave), use of henna. In effect, the henna has a flamboyant color. It cleans up the greasy hair, thick and tightens the scales of fine hair. For a grade brown or black, mixing henna with indigo.

Tip: The henna has the characteristic of forming a barrier sheath hair scales. So again a chemical coloring “on top” is impossible. Otherwise you will have color differences between your locks of hair and a result will be far from satisfactory. Temporary coloring is not recommended either. So if you’re stuck with henna: arm yourself with patience and wash your hair many times for it to go. If you want to radically change color, use temporay color but do not expect perfect results.

Temporary color does not contain ammonia or peroxide. It is perfect to try a shade, to revive the natural or artificial color or make a crazy night. Indeed, depending on the product purchased (remember to check out the packaging), the color may disappear after one to about 8 shampoos.

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  1. I color my hair every two weeks once because of my grey hair. I am thinking here, is there any product that i can use to also apply them on my eyebrow cos it is beginning to turn grey and white as well…

  2. What I know is that hair color is not applicable for eyebrows and eyelashes because it might irritate your eyes.

  3. That is correct Amanda. It is dangerous to put dyes or hair color in your eyebrows. It may go towards your eyes and it could irritate it.


  5. i have red hair , can i dye it to aurburn.

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