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Should You Buy Stargazer Hair Dye?

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Everybody wants to have a beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. Hair colors have always been part of the fashion trend. Putting a little bit of red, copper, violet, blue, or black on our hair can really make a big difference on how we look. Because many people love to dye their hair, lots of brands came out of the market. One of the most popular hair coloring products is the Stargazer hair dye. What about it? Is it something that’s worth your dollar? Let’s find out.

Stargazer hair dye is a semi-permanent hair coloring cream which comes in a variety of colors including natural and unnatural shades.  When you buy Stargazer hair dye, you get one bottle (75ml) of coloring cream, hand gloves, and a hair coloring guide. This guide gives you a set of instructions on how to properly dye your hair using Stargazer. It has been translated to various languages for customers to easily follow the instructions. What’s more interesting about Stargazer hair dye is that it comes with an applicator lid. This lid helps you dye your hair without creating lots of mess!

Stargazer Hair Dyeing Tips

For best results, you may want to follow these simple steps when applying Stargazer hair dye:

When applying the hair dye, you should:

  1. Wash your hair; remove excess water using a towel until it gets damp.
  2. Use a tint brush when applying Stargazer hair dye. Be careful when applying the hair dye. Don’t let the brush reach the scalp as it may stain and it really doesn’t look nice! You can apply a little of petroleum jelly around your ears and around your hairline. This will prevent the dye from staining your skin.
  3. After applying the cream, comb your hair until the Stargazer hair dye has emulsified. This is to make sure the color has been applied evenly.

After Hair-Dyeing Care:

  1. Avoid washing your hair with shampoo too often. It can damage your hair and wash away the hair color.
  2. Don’t stay under the sun for a long time. This will also lead to hair damage.
  3. Condition your hair. Don’t hesitate to try various conditioning products until you find the one that’s suitable for your hair type.

Stargazer hair dye can be applied on natural, dyed, and bleached hair. There are 26 hues to choose from but you can mix some of them to produce your own desired shade.


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