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should I get my hair auburn?

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My very natural hair color is auburn with dark roots, and some black highlights, right now its very dark, sometimes light brown, and I was curious with my eye color, blue, should I get my hair back to its original color?

i was thinking of just soaking up the sun some more, get a little tan, and get my hair back in the process.

I ask this, because I hear most people prefer blue eyes with dark blonde, black, or dark hair.

I REALLY dont want to dye my hair, I won’t. So I was just wondering if I should keep my hair the same, or get it auburn

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  1. keep it the same. If you are going to be in the sun, your hair will naturally lighten up, anyway.

  2. I was a blonde. putting the brown back in the hair makes the cuticle more “healthy” and looks better. If your looking for “nice” ladies, brown will attract it faster than blondes.

  3. Keep you hair the way it is, you will have a much better sheen.

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