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Should I get a light auburn hair color of black hair?

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I’m going to be getting my hair dyed in July for the first time. I’m sick of having my dirty blonde hair, so I want to switch it up. At first I was thinking of bleaching my hair and adding pink, but bleaching my whole head would really just damage my hair and having to re-bleach a lot wouldn’t work out very well.. so that idea isn’t happening. The next idea I had was black, but I’m not really sure if I should do it. I’m pale, but I’m not a ghost-white, and I’m planning on getting more tan (not excessive tanning but just a little) over the Summer when school’s out. I also heard black is hard to get out, so then I also had the lighter auburn.. more like a sandy-ish color in mind. Auburn’s pretty and lighter than black, so it may fit better! I’m not exactly sure though.. so that’s why I’ll ask you all for feedback!

Yes, I’m getting my hair professionally done, not doing it by myself. So no need to tell me about that. Also, I have a darker shade of blue eyes. They’re like around this color: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs24/f/2007/343/b/f/Blue_Eyes_by_yellow_stock.jpg
But they have a bit more blue in them. Also, if I do dye my hair black, would I have to dye my eyebrows? And what about if I dye my hair auburn?

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  1. You should do this color


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