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should i dye my hair auburn? pic include?

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I was wondering if i should dye my hair light auburn like isla fisher(confessions of a shopaholic;weddingcrasher;definitly maybe) my hair is naturally darker than this blonde, like a brown color.

The thing is when i dye my hair blonde they have to use several processes each time and it damages my hair really bad, and it starts fading to this yellow color. I DO NOT like my natural hair color, but wanted to go to a color closer to it, and would love the lighter or medium auburn color, but want to know if you think it would look good. Thank you in advance and pls no rude answers :]

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  1. dont change a thing

  2. leave it the way it is…. your hot

  3. I think you might be better going with a light auburn. Because your skin is fair, you don’t want hair that is too dark and would make you look lighter than you really are. Isla Fischer’s hair is pretty, maybe even something that is slightly lighter than hers I think would look good on you.

    I hope that helps.

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