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Should I dye my hair an Auburn color? (picture)?


Im almost 13, and me and my friends are gonna get temporary hair colors when we go shopping and have a fun girls weekend, so i wanted to know if auburn would look alright, and thanks for answering!

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  1. CrAzY FeRRet DJ!! woot woot!!!

    yeah itll be ok

  2. I Love Chevy vehicles

    Yes I fink it wuld look very nice!!

  3. I think you would look really cute 🙂
    auburn hair is always really pretty

  4. the_shepherd's_child

    you did not say which girl is you. if you’re on the right, that dark hair will be difficult to dye.

    try here/upload your picture:

  5. yeah its cute but i would choose a little lighter shade of aburn

  6. be careful with drug store colour….it really is touch and go with those things (I live with a professional stylist) and they can have unexpected reults aka- just cuz it says temporary doesn’t mean it actually is. If you’re the blonde girl, than please don’t. Your hair is just too light and I honestly don’t think it will wash out well. I had a friend who had light hair like that and she used a “temporary” blue dye and had to go get her hair professionally colour corrected afterwards because the blue dye stained her hair permently. This cost her a great deal of money.

  7. My friends and I did the same thing when we were 13, we had a blast. Please don’t use a permanent hair color, trust me it can fry your hair. I say go for it, as long as it is OK with your parents. Parents can be a drag, but hopefully they will respect your individually and the fact that you asked them first. Auburn is intense but great on a lot of people.

  8. which one is you? auburn would be nice for the girl on the left.

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