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Red Hair Color – Tips To Succeed Your Red Hair Makeover

A natural redhead is rare, which is why red hair color is so coveted. It is a recessive gene that makes itself apparent in a small percentage of the population. Because of the connotations that go along with red hair colors, it is tempting for many people to try to fake. This hair color is easily the hardest one to fake well, however, since red hair can be very specific and redheads often have unique coloring.

red hair colors
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If you are going to dye your hair, what color red should you pick? Bottle packs at grocery stores really only come in a few shades and many of them lean more toward the extreme. This is why a bottle job can be often spotted a mile away. The color is vibrant already, even in its natural state. Faking it can be a huge mistake. This is why you should go to a professional if you are considering this hair color.

Of all the shades of redhead, strawberry blond is the most difficult to get from a bottle. It can look far brassier than fake blond hair and be extremely orange. The thing many people do not realize about redheads is that their hair does not just have high-lights and low-lights. They also can have several shades of red in a single strand of hair, shades which show when the light hits it.

If you decide to go for it anyway, you had better dye your eyebrows, too. At least you will not have to worry about dyeing the roots of your eyebrows as much as you will have to worry about the roots of your hair. If you have blond eyebrows, just leave them. Many redheads’ eyebrows are already blond. If you have darker hair, make your eyebrows auburn. Never try to dye them the exact same color as your hair, since this does not so often happen in real life.

Eyelashes are another way you can make people believe it is legitimate. Redheads do not often have naturally dark eyelashes. They are frequently blond, red, or light brown. Dyeing your eyelashes is a service some beauty parlors offer, but you could just buy specialty makeup for redheads and solve this problem much more cheaply. They have auburn mascaras, since black mascara looks harsh on redheads.

You must have good self-perspective, too. Know your skin tone and what shades might look bad on you. Think about your wardrobe. If you are already very pale, you can get away with a pale shade of red hair and still wear red clothes. If you have ruddy, darker skin, pale red hair will look silly on you, and any other color of red hair will not mix well with red clothing. You do not want to overwhelm your skin.

People with darker hair should start slowly and try dark auburn shades, working slowly toward the lighter side. This way it will not be too extreme. You could also add some red highlights to your dark hair, making the transition easier.

Blonds really just have to go for it. Red highlight will be extremely noticeable and there is little way to ease into it, as strawberry blond dye jobs are often out of the question and awful looking. Red hair color is great. Just jump right in!

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  1. I’ m really helpless. I have a very pale skin and I am confuse if red hair color will look good in me. Any hair color ideas?

  2. i dyed my hair dark black a few months ago and a few days ago i COATED my hair to a burgundy color, and it didnt come out as i expected… it was still very dark and it BARELY showed in the sun,.. so yesterday, i dyed my hair with loreal’s warm red color…
    it did get better, you can see it when im under the sun but its still not what i expected….
    if i want to get a brighter red, but still a dark red, do i have to dye it again with a different/brighter red?

    • Its kinda hard to dye your hair lighter, that is unless you allow the dye to naturally fade from your hair. When my hair gets too dark, I wash it with Dawn dish liquid. It helps pull some of the color out. Make sure you deep condition after though, it makes your hair rough.

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