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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. no name as of now...

    none, i love your hair and its color. i think i will get something like this done to my hair… i love the color.. i have highlights that color, but im thinking about getting that coloor on the bottom half and keeping my brown hair.. light ish… and then having that color highlights…. i just really need a pic of that color and i cant find any.. do you mind if i use ur’s?

  2. really dark brown and light honey blonde! that would be gourgous! add black or dark brown eyelinerr!

  3. Bright Red! Like not your auburn color but RED! I think it would look great!

    Here’s a pic:

    Good luck! Hope this helps(:

  4. ur hair looks amazing as is….. but if u wanted highlights… depending on the style u r lookin for u could either go with a blondish color or like a dark brown, or to give it natural highlights u could go for a couple shades darker then ur hair now

  5. Well I’d suggest like maybe a light orange, bloody red, or blonde. Either of those colors would look good on you because you have auburn hair. Since I have dark brown hair I’m getting blonde highlights.

  6. i think your hair is beautiful the way it is! but i think maybe just get like one or 2 shade lighter if you got any, honestly i think you should just leave it!

  7. first off, your really pretty i love your eyes.
    second, i would get extensions cause your hair has a really pretty color for your face!
    and make your curls loose with a flat iron.

  8. you shouldn’t get any. your hair is really pretty. i have the same problem and i got highlights and i didn’t like it as much and they didn’t really look as good as my natural hair looks

  9. You look realllly hottt, don’t change anything!

  10. I’d say go for some low-lights in the brown family.
    Love the color and your hair! you could really leave it and get away with not having any high/low-lights!

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