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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. Your hair color sounds awesome. I wouldn’t dye it.

    Maybe get a cool hair cut and some subtle highlights or something.

    Whatever you do, please don’t go blonde!! Stick to your natural tones, it sounds wonderful!

  2. are you really interested in dying it? something that might help is putting on a picture of you so people have an idea what we are dealing with. dying your hair is kind of a big deal because it is hard to undo. maybe try highlights or low lights if you want something different. i think your hair color sounds cute!!

  3. Dark Brown? : ]
    It will look better if you have a tan.
    Otherwise, Auburn is a gorgeous colour you should be grateful. ( :

  4. juicycouture queen[:

    thats is a really pretty color dont dye it, and if u do dont dye it a dark color..maybe a chesnut brown color [:

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