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Natural ways to lighten hair colour without dyes?

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i really love my dark auburn hair that goes up to my waist, but how can i get it lighter using no weaves, dyes, extensions, etc? ive also heard of using lemon juice and honey, but ive heard that it can turn dark hair a reddish color? i need home remedies here!!! lol

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  1. I don’t know any home remedies but, there is a shampoo that can make your hair lighter.

  2. Hello!

    I have auburn hair also… You wanna know my secret? The bright sunshine from FLORIDA. I spend the day at the beach… and WALA my hair is with highlights 🙂

  3. well lemon juice naturally bleaches hair, so if you want highlights….go for it!

    soryy, i dont know any others!

  4. this way takes a little longer, but it works. i’m in the process of doing it & it’s been working so far. mix whatever conditioner you use with lemon juice from about half a lemon. rub that in your hair when it’s wet every morning. it lightens your hair, & since your hair is dark auburn, it’ll look like really cool lighter highlights. it’ll take about a week & a half to see really noticeable results, but it worked for me [:

  5. use a product called sun in. it is completely natural stuff, its like $5

  6. If you have dark auburn hair it is most best to go to a hair salon to get it lighten. But if you want to risk going for it try Sun in Hair lightener (google it) it is a bottle of natural ingredients that you spray on your hair and it lightens it up in the sun or hair dryer.

  7. Something that I have tried to lightnen my hair is chamomile tea.
    It takes a while to see the results but it works.
    All you have to do is make chamomile tea, using the dried flowers or tea bags, let it cool
    Then after the last rinse, wash it with the tea and that’s it.

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