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Make-up suggestions for a girl with auburn hair and brown eyes?

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I’m 14 years old with auburn hair and brown eyes. What color eyeliner would you suggest and should I just put it on the top of my eye, bottom or both? What other make-up colors would you suggest for my lips, mascara and eyeshadow? I also don’t necessarily think that the color black looks good for my eyes. Just tell me what you think. Thanks!

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  1. you’re young so stick with neutrals like gold, bronze, and brown.
    eyeliner on top is fine, but not too much on bottom. makes your eyes look smaller. use tinted lip balm in any color you like. like light pink or something. a little mascara goes a long way. use black for everyday.
    purple shades of eyeshadow will compliment your brown eyes too.

  2. Purples make brown eyes pop because they are opposites on the color wheel. If you don’t like black eyeliner, try a raisin color. I know it sounds weird but it’s a cross between a brown and a purple so it will compliment your eyes and give definition without being harsh. Since you’re on the younger side, just put it lightly on the waterline and then the darkest shadow you used that day or just a darker shadow under the lower lash line. This will soften the look while still making your eyes stand out. For mascara black is always good, but brown could work too, but it might draw attention away from your eye color. Try blue or a really dark purple, Benefit has a good mascara in both, to draw attention to your eyes or if you just want to have fun. But I would still recommend black for everyday. Lips can depend on your skin tone. If you have pink undertones it can be hard to wear reds and if you have more yellow undertones it can be difficult to pull off corals without looking orange. Neutral or natural tones are the safest without knowing your skin. Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Eyeliner on bottom (Black).
    Mascara on top.
    Eyeshadow: White to bring out your eyes.

    Heres a picture of me with my make-up on. You may not be able to see it to well, but you get the picture.

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