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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. Purple/lavender for eyes, soft peaches for cheeks and lips.

  2. moss green is beautiful with your colors!!!.. a light peachy blush and very soft pink lip gloss! good luck!

  3. Try Browns, purples/lilacs, and copper,gold,bronze. You could wear Greens too.

  4. Green,Bronze or Pinks, make sure you use an eye liner that makes your eyes stand out. Good luck… Let me know what you think.

  5. You would probably look good with some golds, greens, and burgundy reds.

  6. I have the same coloring and i use a grey eyeliner and light shades of brown eye shadows. I don’t use blush and i only use a light pink lipgloss. Hope this helps

  7. Go with a black mascara or clear 1 or 2 coats for your eyes I would go with a purple or violet and a black eyeliner and some loose or pressed power not bronzer its so last season for lips go with a barley visable gloss or something like that! Hope that helps!

  8. aww sweetness i too have the same tones a cosmetologist or avon rep can give you better advise but i prefer to use white eyshade mixed with a carmel and blodge the two together to get the appeal for my skin tones and a crimsone lipgloss brings out my eyes and lps and sets aside the rest of my face for acknologement and to tone down your frekkles yous should get a concealer that has a sunscreen base cause the sun iis what sets of your frekkles most and as for the right tone experiment at the cosmetic stand at the mall be sure to take clean cloths to wash of the excess makeup remover will help too good luck message me ill try to help ya !!!

  9. ok, for your eyes, a nice brown eyeliner and a soft sweep of a light shimmery pink eyeshadow. For the blush, use a warm pink, but don’t go to overboard. For your lipstick, a nice natural pink would be pretty!

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